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NJAC Future Roadmap Workshop

NJAC Future Roadmap Workshop
October 31, 2021, Time: 11 am to 05 pm. (Sunday)

A half-day brainstorming strategic workshop on “NJAC Future Roadmap” was held on Sunday, October 31, 2021. Total 21 participants representing 8 different Janajati organizations and communities from GTA, attended the workshop. Workshop identified some key strategic issues to focus on to bring the new dynamics in NJAC in future. The meeting identified the focus areas that NJAC in collaboration with indigenous communities including Canada’s first nation communities in coming years to grow together and build the unity amongst us which ultimately helps to achieve our goals. The executive committee has expressed the commitments to play complementary roles across community organizations/members. NJAC would like to thank everyone for your valuable contribution and support. A special thanks goes to the meeting hall host Mr. Deepak Anand, MPP, Malton, Mississauga.

List of participants:

1Raj Kumar RaiKirat Community of Canada
2Dr. Rinjan ShresthaCanadian Newa Guthi
3Naresh TamrakarNJAC – Canadian Newa Guthi
4Naba Raj GurungTamu Dhee Canada
5Sonam LamaHyolmo Society of Canada
6Dawa Tshiring LamaHyolmo Society of Canada
7Giri BudhathokiMagar Association of Canada
8Goba RaiNJAC
9Bir Bdr GurungTamu Dhee Canada
10Som GurungTamu Dhee Canada
11Yam GurungNJAC
12Sanu LamaTamang Society of Canada
13Rajan TamangTamang Society of Canada
14Archana TamangTamang Society of Canada
15Aisworya RaiNJAC
16Tanzing BhotiaNJAC
17Chandra RaiNJAC – Kirat Community of Canada
18Bir Kaji GurungNJAC
19Rashmi ThapaNJAC
20Kusang SherpaSherpa Kyiduk Association
21Sobha GurungNJAC


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