President’s Message

Namaste! and Welcome to

This is an honor for me to serve my community for the next two years as a President of Nepalese Janajati (Indigenous) Association Canada (NJAC). I’m grateful to those former presidents and Executive members who have worked and devoted their personal resources to lend to the vision that have made NJAC strong and successful organization today. NJAC has been recognized as one of the most prestigious organization in Toronto GTA Canada, due to its dynamic roles of preserving not only Indigenous art and culture, but also Nepalese cultural heritage and it’s role in helping to those who need us most.

As we move on, my team and I will do our best to respect each and every community and honor your ability to make the desired change in community. Meantime, you will see some structural changes in the organization, which will bring the society to a different level. When we initiate important work, we will always keep in mind that we will work together to prosper our cultural heritage, Janajati (indigenous) identity of Nepal and social harmony in the Canadian multi-cultural-society.

Furthermore, I would like to thank and acknowledge all NJAC members, former executives, and NJAC founders who have been a part of the society for over 10 years. Thank you so much for believing in me, my team and NJAC. Together we can make a difference!

NJAC President

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