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NJAC started in 2006 with very energetic and inspired community members. It is a non-profit and charitable organization registered under the Canada Corporation Act. NJAC preserves the Indigenous art and culture of Nepalese Indigenous people, empowers youths and promotes close relationship among indigenous people living in Canada and helps new indigenous immigrants to settle in Canada. Its been an integral part of Nepalese community in Canada especially Toronto GTA.

Today, NJAC has expanded its role and responsibilities. The organization has raised food from Nepalese communities and donated to The Mississauga Food Bank (The Mississauga Food Bank is the largest food distribution program in Mississauga, Ontario supporting over 38,000 clients each month through 108 food programs, including the city’s seven food banks). Likewise, NJAC also donated to Brampton Sikh Food Bank.

NJAC has donated cash money through NRN Canada for Nepal Earthquake Victims, which was collected from community members. In past, NJAC had been a part of helping Haiti and Japan Earthquake Victims. There are countless small efforts made as a charitable organization.

Besides, NJAC hosts the biggest soccer tournament (Nepal Cup Canada) in Nepalese Communities with a slogan “Soccer for Unity, Better Community” which has been very successful to involve our community youths in out door activities.

NJAC is always thankful for all indigenous or nonindigenous Nepalese community members. We believe in “Without Unity, No Healthy Community”. We host BBQ on every July 1st (Canada Day) for all Nepalese community.   We would like to thank our community members for your great support, participation and solidarity.


7107 Benjamin Court
Mississauga, ON L5W 0E1

Toronto Office

9 Santamonica Blvd.
Scarborough, ON, M1L 4H3

email: [email protected]

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